Sewing Machine Buying Guide

Best Sewing Machines

As with many things on the Internet these days it is easy to get overwhelmed when looking to buy a sewing machine. Sewing machine reviews are a great way to identify and learn about the pros and cons of the best selling brands that have proven track records when it comes to reliability, performance and support.

With so many sewing machine manufacturers, design capabilities, price ranges etc… It can be difficult to know where to start and what to really focus on in terms of what is really important.

The purpose of the sewing machine buyers guide is to identify what is important when looking to buy a sewing machine. So let’s identify and go through a few key points to consider when looking for the best sewing machine for you.

Sewing Machine Brand:

When searching for the right sewing machine to buy, you will come across the main brands in the market such as: Singer, Brother, Janome, White, Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking, Bernina are just a few of the better-known brands. Remember that purchasing a well known sewing machine brand is about reputation and build quality, so it is always wiser to spend a little bit more to get a sewing machine that is a higher quality build that will last longer than the cheaper counterparts. Plastic components found in newer machines tend not to last as long as the sewing machines made from metal, but advances in technology don’t always translate into less quality. Another key element to consider is what support you will get from a lesser known and possible cheaper sewing machine as they will most likely not have the support capabilities and established dealer network that the more mature brands have in place.

Sewing Machine Features:

It is important to buy a sewing machine that will meet both your current and future needs but equally important not to buy a sewing machine that is overkill not only in terms of it’s features, but also the price.

Sewing machines come with many different features like automatic button holing, embroidery, quilting, automatic threading, stretch stitches and more… Try to consider what your likely needs will be from a sewing machine down the line, read the best sewing machine reviews, and consider joining some internet sewing forums which can be a great source of advice from sewing machinists, that may help guide your purchasing decision.


Like anything in life, quality is not cheap and sewing machines are no exception. If you are going to use your machine a lot, then you should really be looking to spend a little bit more to get a sewing machine from a trusted brand, that has sufficient features to take you through both your current and future sewing projects.